HTML Calendar Maker 2.0

Commercial Use

The calendar generated by our site is free only for non-commerical use.

If you have a commercial use in mind a very inexpensive commercial license is available.  For the small one-time fee of USD $3.99 you can put our calendars on your commercial website for as long as you like. You may also print the calendars for use in commercial publications.

Of course the license allows you to modify the calendar in any way you like as long as you leave the copyright notice at the bottom.  If you consider how much time you save by using our generated calendar you'll agree that $3.99 is an excellent value.   Your payment contributes to new improvements to the software and to keeping this site free of advertisements.

Obtaining a license key

Payment is accepted through PayPal.  Clicking the "Pay Now" button will take you to a secure PayPal site where you can purchase your license key. Your license key is your PayPal transaction ID. 

Unlimited Calendar License  USD $3.99
When you have generated a calendar, insert the PayPal transaction ID into the content attribute of the "licensekey" META tag in the HTML source.

For example, if your transaction ID was 8UJ88725KA368343B, the meta tag would look like this:

<meta name="licensekey" content="8UJ88725KA368343B">

You may use the license key in as many calendars as you like for as long as you like.

Thank you for your support.

Don't like PayPal? Contact us about alternate payment arrangements. feedback email address